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usaphotobuysell's Journal

Community to buy and sell photographic equipment f
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This is completely new community, so please support it by joining it. Film and digital related posts are welcome. Please be aware: this community is not for merchants, but for normal mortal users, who just need to sell or buy something particular.

Examples for products you can offer to sell or buy here:
- Camera (digi, dSLR, 35mm, medium format, and etc)
- Lens
- Memory card
- Film
- Camera Bag
- Tripod
- Flash unit
- Lights and kits
- Good photography books and magazines!
- Video tutorials(cd,vhs,dvd)
- etc, you name it ...

Just first set of rules:

Be reasonable and post MAXimum 1 request + 1 offer per day. If you have many different offerings to make, please include them in one post and lj-cut if the post is very long.

Please don't repost same thing more than once a week.

Some suggestions:

Please indicate large WTB(want to buy) WTS(want to sell) in subject line, or something like SELLING/BUYING ... but please make sure there is an indication of what is that you want.

Try to make your posts specific.

It will help if you include what state are you located in.

It will also help if you include if it's Digital related.

to be revised and designed accordingly ...